Action: The audience is led by the exhibition’s curator into an empty space that is half brightly lit and half in the dark. The artist enters the space and assumes a position at the middle of the lit wall, whilst the curator approaches shaking a graffiti spray can of blue colour. Being already instructed to do so, the curator shapes five horizontal and parallel blue lines onto the artist’s torso beginning and ending at the wall’s surface, and joins the audience once the process has been completed. The artist remains still onto the united wall-body-wall drawing, before taking steps ahead in order to exit this shape. A process of walking/running back and forth in a straight line towards and into the audience, and returning again onto the wall whilst hitting his back, allows for the observation of the missing body figure in the wall drawing. This process of 'escape' is repeated in an escalating pattern, until reaching a point of exhaustion that is observed when the artist hits the wall for the last time and remains there in order to recover from his panting breathing. In the end, the artist raises and crosses his arms, before lowering his gaze to the floor and exiting the space. 

Vandalism #1 (5 Blue Lines)

Performance with the participation of Laurent Devèze / Part of exhibition "EIDOS : Un art contemporain de Grèce" curated by Laurent Devèze & Julien Cadoret / Institut Supérieur des Beaux Arts de Besançon / Besançon - FR / March - 2014 / Duration: 20'

Material: artist's body, curator's body, white trousers, graffiti spray can (blue colour)

Photo: Rilène Markopoulou