Description: Initially, workshop participants are introduced to the artists’ new series of work entitled "Training for performance", as an attempt to establish an active connection between the art of performance and the field of athleticism. PASHIAS draws upon the positioning of the human body as an agent of energy, skill, aesthetic qualities and potentiality, as used in the activity of sports. Through an examination of what it means to 'compete' and to 'complete' a specific aim, the body comes in contact with an other entity or with the parameters of its own self, in a similar manner that the artist reaches an audience through the embodiment of his own presence. In "Training for performance", drawing upon references from the time of antiquity to the present, the body 'in action' is presented as a political body that confirms, tests and disrupts the functioning of a social ensemble. In continuation, the participants alongside the artist use this initiation into 'training' as an attempt to tackle performance art in terms of a continuous preparation for 'something to come' - an intention/aspiration for a future situation - instead of a final result with a clear ending. Each individual’s practice is approached in terms of 'imagery' in which duration is sliced into a tight series of slides/images. For instance, the plethora of imagery, as a pool of reference, situated within Greek mythology and antiquity, can serve as a starting point both literally and metaphorically, for the artist’s body. Artistic practices, such as sculpture and painting, as well as our daily routine and urban settings, can offer imagery of a body 'in position'. Using this body as a 'first step', the participants are encouraged to make use of a two-dimensional image, a three-dimensional object, into an all-senses experience, and locate the moment of performance within these levels of creation. As implied in "Training for performance", participants can move beyond the idea of an 'athletic' body, into a crossover field of their interest, in an attempt to parallel performative processes with any other type of methodology or practice, in which this body in action touches upon a personal moment of urgency that can expand into social, political and cultural relevance for an ensemble.

Training for performance (Workshops)

Part #3: Workshop day for "The Marathon" - Cyprus Performance Art Workshop / Point Centre for Contemporary Art / Nicosia - CY / 10th - 28th September 2016 

Organisation: Sensorium Space

Participants: Carla Galiparla, Colette Patterson, Cristiana Zeta Rolla, Emily Demetriou, Evdokia Charalambous, Giulia Màttera, Iivi Meltaus, Katie Louise Vowles, Lizzie Masterton, Nicholas Tee, Polymnia Tsinti, Salla Hakkola, Sanghoon Lee


Part #2: Workshop day for "The Marathon" - Athens Performance Art Workshop / Booze Cooperativa / Athens - GR / 14th - 20th September 2015 

Organisation: epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation

Participants: Angel Alado, Angeliki Chaido Tsoli, Anniken Weber, Claude Bernand, Katya Petetskaya, Lizzie Masterton, Sophie Terlega, Titika Stamouli


Part #1: Workshop day for program "Erasmus+ Traineeship" / In collaboration with Institut Supérieur des Beaux-Arts de Besançon / Athens - GR / July & August 2015

Organisation: epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation

Participants: Claude Bernand, Martin Lavigne, Thomas Perrin

Photo: Claude Bernand by Petros Koumantaris