Description: Entitled "The Marathon", the organization epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation presented a series of live performances on Saturday 19th of September at multiple spaces provided by Booze Cooperativa. As a result of its homonymous educational workshop and under the guidance of visual artist Dagmar I. Glausnitzer-Smith and artistic duo Zierle & Carter based in Germany and the United Kingdom, alongside guest teachers PASHIAS and Francesco Kiàis, the participants shared the center of Athens as a starting point to their 'marathon', being selected through an international open call. Often used as a metaphor for strenuous effort and the ability to concentrate, the 'marathon' aims at reaching a finish line as its ultimate goal. During its route, each runner learns the necessity of distributing energy on the way, making every step into a 'goal' of its own. In the series of live performances "The Marathon", each artist presented his/her own work as an other step-goal of their personal route, through the experiential process of exchange and the guidance of their 'coaches' provided during the workshop. In a current time frame of social instability, the meeting points of the artist’s body with an audience, where diverse routes inevitably converge, can be approached as a communal space of coexistence in order to voice and exchange urgencies, aiming at the achievement of the next common 'step' instead of reaching another finish line.

The Marathon

Series of live performances / Booze Cooperativa / Athens - GR / 19th September - 2015 / Duration: 240'

Organisation: epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation

Project Coordinators: Dagmar I. Glausnitzer Smith, Zierle & Carter, PASHIAS, Francesco Kiàis

Participants: Angel Alado, Angeliki Chaido Tsoli, Anniken Weber, Claude Bernand, Katya Petetskaya, Lizzie Masterson, Sophie Terlega, Titika Stamouli

Photo: Claude Bernand by Dafni Lianantonaki