Description: In the exhibition "Temple-boy" by PASHIAS at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation, contemporary expression visits and explores its 'fundamental' origin of creation, whilst the historic exhibit comes - again - in direct contact with human presence, defining its value as an 'everlasting' artefact. Based on the archeological collection of George and Nefeli Giabra Pierides and through the establishment of the human body as basic material for creation, PASHIAS assumes the position of a limestone figurine from the series 'temple boys' - a valuable example of Cypriot sculptural expression originating from the 5th century until the middle of 4th century BC, documented as a possible offering to deities or keepsakes for rituals devoted to the successful passing of children from infancy to adulthood. The arist’s body, situtated as a 'servant' to the museum, is placed at the questionable position of fulfiling the capacity of art - and in extension of an artist - to 'entertain' and 'educate' a social ensemble. "Temple-boy" - an exhibition presented after a live performance, as a composition of ideological fragments and images belonging to the 'past', simultaneously attempts to initiate a process of offering, consumption, transformation and communication, exploring the museological responsibility to guard and preserve historical heritage, in terms of an individual and communal ability to 'reassemble' and 'create' anew. 


Solo exhibition / Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation / Nicosia - CY / 14th  December 2017 - 15th January 2018

Curatorial Texts: Dr. Giorgos Papantoniou, Elizabeth Hoak-Doering, Savvas Christodoulides

Photo: Marios Iosifides