Action: The audience encounters two artists standing in the gallery next to each other, in front of a rectangular space (1.60 x 1.40 cm) enclosed by three walls, with a plaster board of the same dimensions, placed on their back and diagonally touching the floor. The artists slowly place themselves underneath the board, carrying out this task for a duration of three hours - until the event’s closing time. As this process evolves, the two bodies assume a number of positions, reaching the highest and lowest possible levels of height. In doing so, at least one body part is always attached to the board, serving as their common celling. 


Long-durational performance in collaboration with Yiannis Pappas / Part of festival "136.10 Hertz" curated by Dagmar I. Glausnitzer Smith + Luisa Catucci / Luisa Catucci Gallery / Berlin - DE / June - 2017 / Duration: 180'

Material: artists' bodies, plaster board (1.60 x 1.40 cm)

Photo: Nicolina Stylianou