Action: The audience enters a space in order to encounter the artist in a stand-still position on a stack of white marble slabs, with his right arm raised and holding onto the ceiling’s metal piping. After picking up one of the deodorant cans placed onto the plinth next to him, the artist initiates an escalated shaking process before starting to spray the whole of its content onto his underarm hair. The next deodorant can is offered to one of the audience members that is invited to spray its content. The following cans to be offered are filled with graffiti spray paint of white, yellow, red, blue and black colour, in an attempt to evoke the effect of 'vandalising' the artist’s body. These cans are offered in colour succession to the audience members or they are sprayed by the artist himself. Audience members move around the space, some leaving the space in order to view the performance from the outdoor glass area, depending on their ability to withstand the spray cloud formed by this process.

Pour homme

Performance/ Part of event "Cyprus International Performance Art Festival" curated by Christina Georgiou / Visual Artists Association / Nicosia - CY / June - 2013 / Duration: 35'

Material: artist’s body, white sirwal, white plinth, 2 deodorant cans, 2 graffiti spray cans of each colour (white, yellow, red, blue, black), white marble slabs, audience members

Photo: Emi Wilcox