Action: The artist arrives at the entrance of the gallery's front garden, pushing along a 'victory' podium through audience members. The podium appears to be a heavy object, for which an increasing level of strength is required, in order to place it at the gallery's central space. Once all audience members follow the artist into the gallery, the artist stands on the floor behind the podium's lowest level. The artist steps onto the 'third' position and the public proceeds to applaud, stepping down once the applause fades out. He then stands on the floor behind the podium's 'second' position following the same process, allowing for the public's applause, that appears to be more enthusiastic than the previous time. Taking time to stand behind the highest level, the artist climbs onto the 'first' position, having as his sole intention to only step down once all audience members stop clapping. The applause varies in levels of tension and enthusiasm, as the performance's duration can only be decided by the public, that changes in number as the performance continues. In reciprocation, the artist bows and engages in direct eye contact with the audience, in an attempt to accept their applauding effort. After one hour and a half, when the last audience member clapping decides to stop doing so, the artist jumps onto the floor and exits the space.

Podium (Training for performance, Finale)

Performance / Part of festival "Excentricités VIII: Corps désirants / Corps délirants" curated by Julien Cadoret + Louise Vanardois / Institut Supérieur des Beaux Arts de Besançon / Besançon - FR / April - 2017 / Duration: 90'

Material: artist's body, victory podium, audience members

Photo: Clément Gérardin