Description: Under the title "Places of duration", the organization epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation presented its collaboration with the educational program PAS - Performance Art Studies, inviting the audience to join in the process of creating durational performances. This series was presented as the end result of the studies' program with participants selected through an international open call, under the guidance of German visual and performance artist BBB Johannes Deimling, guest teachers PASHIAS and Francesco Kiàis, and collaborating photographer Monika Sobczak. 'Matter' is always presented in a constant process of friction with time, referring to 'resistance' against decay and the central necessity of humans to preserve it, through documentation or 'remembrance'. This aspiration to 'eternity' can be specifically observed in the art of sculpture, in contrast to the ephemeral and 'temporal' dimension of performance art. By joining these two diverse dimensions of 'duration', the participants have been given the opportunity to search for a position of sculpturesque monumentality or a 'stance' towards a social urgency. In a contemporary context of doubt and desire for an upcoming 'change', the focus on exploring the format of long-duration performances allows for the creation of a space and a time in which people can meet and gather, in order to support our need for 'co-existence'.


Places of duration - Series of durational performances

Cheapart Gallery / Athens - GR / 4th April - 2015 / Duration: 240'


Places of duration - Performance Art Studies #38

Cheapart Gallery / Athens School of Fine Arts / Acropolis Museum / Athens - GR / 27th March - 6th April - 2015


Organisation: PAS - Performance Art Studies, epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation

Project Coordinators: BBB Johannes Deimling, PASHIAS, Francesco Kiàis 

Participants: Angeliki Chaido Tsoli, Anna Kosarewska, Aron Lesnik, Christos Papamichael, Eliza Soroga, Imke Zeinstra, Jolijn de Wolf, Manuel Lopez Garcia, Markela Kontaratou, Ola Kozioł, Ruth Biene, Sofia Terlega, Veronika Merklein

Photo: Aron Lesnik by Monika Sobczak