Description: In a collaboration between .pelma.lia haraki and epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation, the "Performance Laboratory" has been designed as a week of intense exchange between artists from diverse practices comprising today's scene of performance, brought together from both Cyprus and Greece. Hosted by Dance House Lemesos, the Performance Shop and the Old Vinegar Factory in Limassol - Cyprus from the 14th until 21st of December 2015, the laboratory functioned as an artist’s meeting opening up the possibility to converse and pose questions regarding each artist's practice, current state of methodology and future aspirations. Experiencing the 'performing body' from a number of diverse angles, participants had been invited to approach their working methodology in terms of the before (how do you begin thinking of your work, images and ideas, how do you prepare for it, material, setting etc.), during (the process of being in the work, how does it evolve, depending on what factors etc.), the after (how do you evaluate your work after completion, what do you bring into the next work, documentation etc.) and all in-between areas - in terms of a continuous working stream. As an example of this exchange, all participants had been involved in contributing to the "On Display" event by the Performance Shop, presenting Evripides Laskarides current performance work, next to fragments of the artists’ own practices.

Performance Laboratory

Artists' Meeting / Dance House Lemesos / Performance Shop / Old Vinegar Factory / Limassol - CY / 14th - 21st December - 2015

Organisation: .pelma.lia haraki, epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation

Project Coordinators: Lia Haraki, PASHIAS

Participants: Evripides Laskarides, GRAAM, Lia Haraki, Nicolina Stylianou, PASHIAS, Pavlos Vrionides, Petros Konnaris

Photo: Evripides Laskarides by Pavlos Vrionides