Action: The audience encounters an installation that is already formed within the space, consisting of two glass bowls placed on top of plinths, two empty pillars placed next to each other and four rectangular panels of soil. Members of the audience are given pieces of paper by two assistants and they are asked to write down whom do they miss and why, before placing the pieces in one of the glass bowls. The artist enters the space and picks one of the paper pieces, in order to assume a position behind the empty glass bowl. The artist reads out 'the words of remembrance' and one audience member is invited to pour liquid from a glass bottle on the artist’s chest following a trail on his stomach, his clutched hands and into the bowl. The first liquid spilled is revealed to be water, and this process is repeated with selected ingredients from the ancient Greek custom of libations (oil, milk, orange juice and red wine). At the end of each action, the artist places the already read paper piece in one of the pillars. The pouring of these five liquids is repeated in the same order, when the artist places his arm within the empty pillar and the audience members are invited to pour the liquid on his shoulder and along the arm. The pouring is repeated for a third time, when the artist is given each bottle by the assistants to be drunk, and attempts to read out the paper piece with a full mouth, whilst standing behind the soil panel. Before exiting the space, the artist reads out the final paper piece, fills a glass with the liquid mixture from the full bowl, raises the glass towards the audience and drinks it.


Series of performances / Part of event "Athens Fringe Festival 2012" / Vault Theatre Plus / Athens - GR / June - 2012 / Duration: 30'

Material: artist’s body, grey sirwal, 2 glass bowls, 2 white plinths, 2 plexiglas rectangular pillars, soil, 15 non-transparent glass bottles, water, oil, milk, orange juice, red wine, pieces of paper, pens, audience members, 2 assistants

Photo: Spyros Abbanavos