Action: The audience encounters a space with two still male bodies laying on the floor parallel to each other. The first figure (Deimling) is covered in blue sugar icing that spills onto the floor and the second figure (PASHIAS) is placed on top of a white bed sheet and covered tightly by a white cloth both drenched in water. After a period of time, the figures slowly become animated through their hand movements that spread into body movement. The white figure slowly rises whilst covered in the white cloth, attempting to expose itself by hanging the concentrated cloth over its right shoulder. It then turns on itself clock-wise in order to slowly turn the wet bed sheet around its feet and to engage in eye contact with each audience member, whilst the blue figure attempts to crawl back on its elbows towards the wall. Once this process has been completed, both figures are standing against the wall, leaving behind a reflective surface of water with the twisted piece of cloth in its middle and a trail of blue icing, as the traces of action. Both reaching down for the materials of their next action that are placed next to them, they walk towards the front and cross paths in order to exchange areas of activity. The white figure forms a line of white spirit that runs along the blue traces of icing, whilst the blue figure stands behind the twisted 'well' of cloth holding gold coins in both raised hands. The white spirit line is set on fire that slowly extends towards audience members, whilst the blue figure jumps in an escalating rhythm in order to release all coins thrown in the air. When the fire is extinguished and all coins have been thrown to the floor, the figures walk in opposite direction, in order to leave the space from a different exit.


Duo performance with BBB Johannes Deimling / Part of exhibition "v_ideas, performances" by Beton 7 Gallery / Part of event "epitelesis presents… BBB Johannes Deimling" by epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation / Athens - GR / May - 2014 / Duration: 30'

Material: artists’ bodies, blue sugar icing, white bed sheet, white cloth, water, gold Euro coins, lighter, white spirit

Photo: Monika Sobczak