Description: Shop owners on Mavrokordatou Street in collaboration with epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation presented the "DIS-PLAY (window shop project)", a two-day event of actions and exhibits, taking place within the display windows of closed stores. By focusing on the re-introduction of the human presence in this context of inactivity through performance art and the art of photography, artists are invited alongside the audience members to re-examine the intermediate space between public and private functions. Through the investigation of complexities regarding the usage of idle structures for artistic activity, as observed in other cities as well on an international level, Mavrokordatou’s pedestrian street in central Athens, becomes a vibrant center of engagement and exchange with its audience. At the same time, through the display windows, the human body is displaced from its status as a consumer into a product for consumption, as a metaphor for the relationship of civilians to the changing sociopolitical conditions.

DIS-PLAY (window shop project)

Series of public performances / Mavrokordatou Street’s Shops / Athens - GR / 14th December - 2014 / Duration: 180'

Artists: Francesco Kiàis, GRAAM, Anastasia Papatheodorou, PASHIAS, Filippos Vasileiou


Photography exhibition / Mavrokordatou Street’s Shops / Athens - GR / 14th - 15th December - 2014

Artists: Aggelos Panoskaltsis, Dimitris Priftis, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, RevoltingBodies 


Curation: PASHIAS

Organisation: epitelesis - Performance Art Foundation 

Project Coordination: Paul Sarz, Melina Philippou

Photo: Filippos Vasileiou by Mariana Bisti