Action: The audience encounters the artist within a large empty space of 7 by 11 meters, enclosed by walls on three sides and left open on the front side. On this side, from the edge of one wall to another, there are four strings of fishing line tied tightly on hooks, vertically parallel to each other. The almost invincible barrier of fishing lines separates the artist from the audience, and delineates the arena of action. With his bare stomach area, the artist approaches the parallel fishing lines that are positioned exactly onto his abdominal area, marking their position into four equal intervals. For a duration of 18 hours, the artist attempts to come in contact with this barrier by slowly walking or running towards, by remaining closely attached to it through contact with a body part, or by forcing his entire body weight onto it in order to reach a diagonal position of balance. In between intervals of action, the artist remains still and allows for the audience’s observation of the red markings inscribed onto his abdominal area. The artist only seizes his action and exits the arena, after all audience members have left the exhibition’s space.

Diagrama (Training for performance #6)

Long-durational performance / Part of exhibition "As One" curated by Marina Abramovic, Serge Le Borgne + Paula Garcia, organized by NEON + Marina Abramovic Institute / Benaki Museum / Athens - GR / March - 2016 / Duration: 960'

Material: artist’s body, fishing line, circular hooks

Photo: Natalia Tsoukala