Action: The audience enters the space in order to encounter a set of bull horns fixed at the middle of a white wall.  The artist walks in, holding a white bucket and a spray can, which he starts shaking with his right arm. He places the bucket on the floor and sprays two black curves on the wall, in the shape of an eye’s outline. Placing the can on the floor, the artist opens up the bucket, takes out a blue balloon, blows it up and hangs it at the middle of the eye outline. By looking into the eye, he then slowly walks backwards in a straight line, reaching the other parallel wall with his back, where his head is now located right in front of the bull horns. Then, he reaches into his closed mouth in order to reveal a black elastic string that he pulls out and leaves onto the floor. Taking the horns off the wall, the artist sits on the floor and ties the string onto the horns’ edges, forming a bow. He stands up, takes an arrow off his back, and uses the bow in order to aim at the balloon. Walking towards the eye, he slowly releases the arrow sliding at the horns’ middle, in order to burst the balloon. The same process is repeated, with a second balloon taken out of the bucket, which is already filled with water. After several attempts at bursting the balloon, the artist has only managed to make a small hole on the balloon, from which water is springing. The artist places his right eye in front of the springing water, allowing for all of the water to be slowly poured onto his face. Once completed, the artist repeats this process with a third balloon, which he successfully bursts from the first attempt, which has been filled with blue paint, leaving a blue mark in the middle of the wall’s eye and then flooding the floor. After placing the horns on the floor, the artist touches the blue paint on the wall and leaves a mark on his right eye. He then engages in direct eye contact with each member of the audience, before exiting the space.

Bullseye (Training for performance #2)

Performance / Part of event "Netting the Work" curated by Eva Giannakopoulou & Rilène Markopoulou / Beton7 Gallery / Athens - GR / June - 2015 / Duration: 30'

Material: artist’s body, beige leggings, black elastic string, bull horns, black spray can, archery arrow, archery chest guard, white bucket, 3 blue balloons, water, blue paint

Photo: Vassiliki Spyrou