Description: Alongside the finissage of exhibition "Temple-boy" by PASHIAS, the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation presented the lecture "Body & Exhibit" on the 11th of January. A nation’s cultural heritage consists of historical exhibits, as shaped by the human/creator, witnessing the social impact and conceptual characteristics implied by the modes of expressions at his/her disposal. Through a cultural institution’s capacity of safekeeping and displaying a historical archive, the 'exhibit' takes a distance from human presence - the creator and the user alike. The lecture "Body & Exhibit" attempts to examine the possible ways of introducing contemporary creation - and in extension the human body - into the exhibitory framework of a historical archive. Contemporary expression visits and explores its 'fundamental' origin of creation, whilst the historic exhibit comes - again - in direct contact with human presence, defining its value as an ‘everlasting’ artefact. "Body & Exhibit" brings together esteemed speakers from diverse formats of expression, such as visual arts, photography, dance and architecture, investigating the impact of practices and specific artworks, bearing the historical exhibit as their central axis. 

Body & Exhibit - The historical exhibit as point of departure for contemporary creation

Lecture for the exhibition "Temple-boy" / Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation / Nicosia - CY / 11th Janurary 2017

Project Coordinators: PASHIAS, Elena Efthyvoulou

Participants: Artemis Eleftheriadou, Demetris Venizelos, Elena Antoniou, Elena Stylianou, Elizabeth Hoak-Doering, Melina Philippou, PASHIAS

Photo: Elena Antoniou by Stelios Kallinikou